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This is Marco bending the ear out a bit. This was taken Thursday 18 August, and it was after the ear had been shortened.

Here is another one - if I were standing, I would be facing the same direction as Marco (he's holding the socket)

Later in the afternoon, we made the ear a bit wider. That's why it's gone all white.

Here's a pic of the MAS socket next to my Ischial Containment Socket - we are facing you in this one...

And this one is also next to the IC socket, facing << that way with the wider white ear..

And here we are facing opposite >> that way..

And finally, facing away from you (bum bit looking at you)..

That's it for now...



December 2005

This is a close up of the little brat ear as of the beginning of December...


April 2006 - here is my baby - ain't she sweet?
























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