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A tongue-in-cheek look at the hazard lightning poses to amputees - thanks Gaza - you're a gem! I now have another thing to worry about - jeez, thanks a bunch friend :)

A question posed on the HMM forum by a German amputee.

Hi guys,

I have always wondered if we amputees with our titan prostheses are more
prone to be struck by lightning?

"Don't know much about the Physics I took ..."

Curious Mike

Cute response....

I was just wondering this the other day, when I was out walking in the middle of a storm. My boss suggested I get a copper wire and wrap that around my leg and let it drag four or five foot behind as a ground.

And the technical and indepth explanation offered from the inimitable amputee called Gaza, who now has all amputees running for cover at the least hint of thunder and lightning..... hehehehee

In a thunder storm, the surrounding air is charged with positive eon particles, this looks for a negative source to discharge too, this causes the lightning strike. A lot of time it's discharged into space - and we see sheet-lightning, when it is discharged to ground this becomes fork-lightning.

Because we have carbon and metal parts and friction through walking, I would calculate we would be 50 times more likley to be struck than a person standing next to us without the mechanicals, unless you're standing by a golfer holding his No7 iron.

To help, remember just before you are struck your hair will start to stand-up on end. This is the positive eon particals making negative contact - after that you have 0.001 seconds to react before you are toast.


And then another perspective, probably as helpful as Gaza's...

No. While all materials conduct electricity, there is no correlation between using any type of adaptive equipment and lightning. In fact, the molecular nobility of the materials used in prosthetics would make it 3 times LESS likely to conduct on your prosthetic side. On the other hand, the human body is an excellent conductor and uses electricity for the nervous system to fire properly.

Now if we apply Forensic Engineering and examine a one legged corpse having been fried to an extra crispy crackling crunch, we would probably fail to discern which limb conducted faster or more effeciently. This would require further studies.

So the next time it rains stand out on a golf course with, Oh... about at least a 9 iron and wave it about. Let us know how it works out for you.



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